Our custom cellar consultants have the magic touch… Walking into this premium redwood wine room feels like entering a different (much better) alternate reality. This client scored extra points for the personalized cork-catcher on the wall! #WEcatalog

Fancy visiting the beautiful Piedmont region in Italy? After a recent #TravelsinWine trip, buyer Sarah and the Tasting team's Emma give their top tips:

Today's #weather in the #Niagara #Wine Country: High 7C - Low 2C. Currently it is 1C and Partly Cloudy. How's the weather in your area?

Congratulations to @briggferrier who, with a #twsrugbyscore #ITASCO prediction of 6-20 deemed to be nearest to the actual score of 0-17, wins a bottle of The Society’s Champagne Brut NV. We’ll be back in just under two weeks. 🏉🍾🇮🇹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Just a few days to go until Bin #4 launches - a great opportunity to taste a 2011 furmint! Stocks are small, so check back at midday on Wednesday for the launch.

In Andrew Jefford's latest column, he heads into the autumn woods of Alsace to forage the ultimate woodland treasure: plump, earthy mushrooms:

Check out @amelias_wine wine pick of the week: L’ Ancien Beaujolais. 100% Gamay - a gorgeous old vine organic Beaujolais from epic producer Jean Paul Brun. Sappy redcurrant cordial combines with rose petals and dried strawberry to create a seductive and arresting Beaujolais.

.@RiazulTequila is sourced from the highest elevation in Jalisco where Weber Blue Agave can be cultivated resulting in a rich, smooth tequila that highlights the flavors of the land. [Sponsored]

Feb 22nd is National Margarita day, get ready and find your perfect Tequila on Wine-Searcher !

Read all about Tequila in the link below 🙂

'As I've said on several previous occasions, Domaine Laborie is one of the best-value reds in our entire range. I have a real soft spot for it.'
Why does buyer @timsykes2 love this £6.50 southern French red? Find out in Week 5 of 🇫🇷Wine of the Week🇫🇷:

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