Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select is in stores now, just in time for the holidays. Matured in grooved oak barrels for a truly bold sip. Sinatra Select is the perfect gift for that special someone. We have a feeling that Frank would approve. #SinatraSelect

The perfect base for your cocktails. Let your creative spirit shine. 💀🖤

#CrystalHeadVodka #VodkaForTheCreativeSpirit #Cocktails #Bartender

We have a winner! Congrats to the deserving town of Ripley, Tenn. for banding together as a community to save the local hospital! There was no shortage of remarkable entries, but your small-town spirit stood out like red wax on a bourbon bottle. Ripley, let's #MakeItRemarkable!

Celebrating the new normal doesn’t mean giving up your old favorites. Take it from @JayREllis in episode 1 of our new series “Holiday Best,” where he mixes up a GREY GOOSE® Holiday Punch cocktail.

Recipe here:

If you shopped-till-you-dropped (or didn’t), you deserve a cocktail 😉

#BlackFriday #CrystalHeadVodka #CrystalHead #Vodka #VodkaCocktail Credit: m0rf3r

What holiday cocktail do you look forward to most each year? And if you don't have one yet, check out, and soon you will 😉

Celebrating the rule breakers, challengers and mavericks who have forged their own path to create a name for themselves by always asking ’Where next?’, just like award-winning actress Michelle Dockery.

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