This Friday at 10:00AM, Benthic Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with toasted coconut + coffee goes on sale online along with its variants. Follow this link for full details on variants, purchase options and pricing.


NYC! We want to gift 2 winners to the ultimate Friendsgiving experience tomorrow night. Celebrate our meal kit with @CocktailCourier & @EatCooked with a dinner by Chef Jonathan Waxman & Mixologist AK Hada.

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Our spin on a classic cocktail! The Pickle Bloody Brine is the pick for every #RecyclingHero out there! ♻️ For this and all the other recycled cocktail recipes, please visit #recyclinghero #absolutcomeback #absolutdrinks

Today's #weather in the #Niagara #Wine Country: High -4C - Low -10C. Currently it is -6C and Cloudy. How's the weather in your area?

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